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Warehousing, customs handling & e-Fulfillment

National and international companies

We offer the total solution for the storage, storage and delivery of container goods, pallets and products from all over the world, to the whole world.


We provide the warehousing : the storage, storage and delivery of your container goods and pallets.
We store your bulk goods and deliver it in bulk, in parts or per piece from. Everything on demand within 1 business day.
At our location in Zoetermeer we have a warehousing location, where the whole chain is being looked after

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Specialist in customs clearance

Every day we take care of the customs handling of goods from various countries including China, Brazil, Germany and the rest of the world. Through our contacts with customs and carriers, we get these goods through Customs quickly and are therefore quickly available to sell.

e-Fulfillment by MoreStorage: one streamlined chain

At MoreStorage you can therefore do your bulk shopping in China and we deliver your products at consumer level: in the Netherlands, Europe and the rest of the world, in one streamlined chain.
Via our web portal and API link with your (web) store you always stay informed of all statuses of transport, weft, stock, T & T and orders.

Are you also ready to focus primarily on purchasing and sales?
Call Patrick van den Hoogen 0646050404 or ask him a question .
Store it, Sell it, Send it ...... ..MoreStorage.com Store it, Sell it, Send it ...... ..MoreStorage. com


  1. You buy and / or produce your items in (for example) China or Brazil
  2. You hand over all documents to MoreStorage
  3. You sell your goods via internet / in your store

    MoreStorage controls the rest ...

    • Transport from the production location to our warehouse in Zoetermeer
    • Handling all customs and port activities
    • Waste and storage in our warehouse
    • Order shipment with, among others, PostNL, DPD, DHL and UPS but also with local bicycle couriers and pallet carriers
    • Handling returns
    • If required, we take care of the customer service and we can talk to your client