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A Webshop next to your job

“How do I start a web shop next to my regular job?”

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Can I do that?

Are you the kind of person whose day consists of strolling through markets, shops and websites looking for nice offers and trades. Or are you convinced that others will share your love for secondhand designer clothing with you. Then you must have thought sometimes “would not I be able to do my work here?”.

But how?

Selling nice things may seem like a dream job or maybe even a top idea next to your job. But without any experience in sales it will at least seem like a very complicated undertaking. How do I get my stuff? What should I count? There will be a lot of competition, how can I ever live on this?

I know!

I buy some nice stuff on a Chinese website, put them on the internet for myself, put my feet on the table and wait for the orders to arrive, pick them up in the evenings, take them to the post office and leave the money enter……


It sounds almost too good to be true and usually that is true. Unfortunately it is not all “even” but it takes a lot of time and energy and you are “just” not paying attention only to deal with e-mails of wrong or lost shipments and you get more back then that you send. And in the end you are no longer concerned with the thing that actually all started, the strolling of nice markets and second hand designer clothes to buy and sell.

Good news!

The good news is that if you really want to, it is certainly good to do. Opening your own web shop requires no tons of technical expertise or experience. And if you stick to your own unique style and perseverance you can really get it done.


There are plenty of shop owners who even started full time and without any experience in sales or e-commerce. They were obsessed with their product and hobby and they have been able to set up a successful business with an indomitable perseverance. “I started selling because I had so many things myself and I was crazy about scouring markets and trade fairs” said the founder of a large online store in Los Angeles when she was asked how it all started …. “Without my knowing, my hobby became my work”. She is certainly not the only one, but what all these entrepreneurs have in common is that they have remained faithful to what they have all begun for their passion for their hobby. They have called in the assistance of specialists for all other additional matters.

I want that too!

Are you also someone with a huge drive, do you want to convince other people about your product and your hobby and are your products going to conquer the world? But do you want to spend time doing your current work. Then let us convince you of our unbridled drive and perseverance to carry out everything that you should not concern yourself with. Such as unpacking and packing your products. Save and send your orders. Handling your return shipments and even talking to your customer. This way your work keeps your work and your hobby your hobby, but it is a hobby that generates money.